Merry Christmas 6th January

Beside of December, we are in Christmas month, January. I say “Merry Christmas January 6th!” especially for Friends from Orthodox Churches.

There are people who doubt Christmas celebration. Generally it was Christmas date that they had a problem with. They questioned the date of the celebration.

Regarding the date of the celebration, there are at least three kinds of view among Christians. Let us look at the three differences!

First version, generally Christian celebrates Christmas on 25th December. Majority Churches agree with that date.

Second version, Christmas is celebrated on 6th January. On that date Orthodox churches celebrates Christmas. Majority churches on East Europe celebrates Christmas on 6th January.

Third version, Christmas is celebrated on June. Do you hear churches to celebrate Christmas on June? For them Christmas is on Summer, in June. They don’t assign any date on June.

These three versions have their own considerations. The Christmas date  are different for them but it has one same meaning. Christmas is for celebrating the Born of Jesus Christ.

Although not easy to assign any date for Christmas, it is still very important. The meaning of  Christmas is more important than its date. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Once again I say: Merry Christmas on 6th January! Glory to the God in highest heaven, and on earth peace to those who on whom his favor rests.

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