Israel Excellence in Vaccination

by Hali Humankind faces Corona Virus in many ways. One of them is by vaccination. Many countries rely on vaccination to win in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nevertheless, vaccination is not the only way. There are many other ways. Preventive acts are more important than cure. The most important is we must be strict in healthyLanjutkan membaca “Israel Excellence in Vaccination”

Three Waves of Corona

By Hali In some Westerns countries, the Pandemic of Coronavirus has not been controlled well. Until now, the transmission rate still very high every day. Because of that, some countries locked down again. We can overlook these three waves. We could learn and reflect on some things from Western countries. The first wave happened inLanjutkan membaca “Three Waves of Corona”

Couldn’t Eat Fish

By Hali Some people said: I couldn’t eat fish. Some students living in the dormitory also said it. All of them have their own differing opinions and reasons. Some of them said: I have an allergy. It is okay. If you have any allergy then you couldn’t eat fish, you must heal your allergy first.Lanjutkan membaca “Couldn’t Eat Fish”

Corona Birthday and ITS Brothers

When calculated from the end of December 2019 in Wuhan, Corona has been more than a year old. Luckily Wuhan is free from the Covid-19. There were almost no more infected people in the city. In Indonesia, around mid-March 2020 we are just starting to face Corona. Our vigilance was gassed starting in March 2020.Lanjutkan membaca “Corona Birthday and ITS Brothers”

Food Diversification

By Hali The majority of Indonesia’s population consumes rice. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, three meals have to have rice. Rice is the main source of food for Indonesia. Rice becomes a source of carbohydrates. Rice is the staple food of our society. There is no day without rice. Maybe this is a suitable sembohyan. This conditionLanjutkan membaca “Food Diversification”


大多数印尼人食用米饭。早、午、晚餐均不宜剩饭。他们以米饭为主食。 大米是印尼人的主要碳水化合物的来源。可以说,每天都离不开大米。此也许是最合适的口号了。 不容忍这种情况长期以来,人们一直在为鼓励食物多元化而努力。然而,结果并不容乐观。大米仍然是一日三餐的主要选择。 实际上,印尼土地可以供应许多其它的食物来源。比如说木薯、玉米、西米、山腰、糯米、芋头、甚至面包果。该列表仍然可以扩展。印度尼西亚富含块茎品种。 我们可以从每天的三餐主食做起。我们只需要安排碳水化合物的来源。比方说:早上木薯、中午米饭、晚上玉米。糯米早饭、大米午饭、大米晚饭。早上红薯、中午米饭、晚上芋头。它仅提及主食。与此同时,蔬菜、水果、肉类仍然需要每天饮食,尤其是午餐和晚餐。请为您的家人安排主食多元化吧! 如果你成功实行了食物多元化,那么,营养将更加全面。食物多元化也意味着营养丰富多彩。此外,食物多元化也会提供丰富的味道。 对一个国家来说,食物多元化能够增加食物安全。印尼不必仅仅依赖大米。各个地方可以开发当地的食物来源。 让我们每个人都开始行动吧!让我们为促进食物多元化努力吧!为您和您家人制作各种各样的主食吧!就从早餐开始! *** Silahkan subscribe dengan memasukkan email Anda ke kolom di bawah halaman ini (FOLLOW Blog). Please Subscribe to follow this blog site. *** Setelah Subscribe berhasil, Anda akan dapat menerima artikel baru setiap hari Senin, Rabu dan Jumat.

Read, You Will Be Healthy

Many are not aware of their health status. When a person falls ill, then he cares about health. It’s good to still care about one’s health. Hopefully, it’s not too late It’s better if each of us cares about our health, even before we fall seriously ill. For it, we need to pay attention toLanjutkan membaca “Read, You Will Be Healthy”