Millenium Kingdom

In eschatology discussion, there is one special topic. It is called Millenialism. In Indonesia we call it as Millenium Kingdom or One Thousand Year Kingdom. At least there are three different views about Millenialism. We will mention them one by one.

First, Premillenialism view. Before Millenialism period, Jesus Christ already come again.

Second, Postmillenialism view. After Millenialism period, Jesus Christ will come again.

Third, Amillenialism view. There is no exact Millenialism period. Millenialism only symbolises a full period that we don’t know that time long.

For me, the writer agrees with third one, Amillenialism. We have different views. We must not be enemies each others. As Christian, all of us are bodies of Christ.

About Millenialism this topic, we will discuss it again in another article. The title will be Revelation Chapter 20. Please all readers wait patiently!

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