Exercises Are More Vital

Primitive societies lived from hunting and forest. Everyday they entered the forest to gather food and hunting. These activities required them to move here and there. They didn’t know the concept of sports or exercise. Their sport or exercise was so simple, through working everyday. At that mostly they were only playing and competing as a very simple kind of sport.

When human entered the era of agriculture, their daily activities turned into farming, with raising livestock. Everyday they take care of their gardens, fields and their farms, which is grazing. These activities have led them to sports and exercises. That means everyday they will certainly exercise and do “sports” through farming and raising livestock.

Gradually the community entered the industrial era. Machines were created to make work easier. Jobs that require human muscle power are lightened by mechanization. In this period human exercise was reduced drastically. hence, We began to see how important exercises were to ourlives. We began to take special time, outside working hours in order to do exercises.

Now we are in the era of information technology. The mechanization is getting more sophisticated. Mechanization plus information technology provide multiple conveniences. Many works can be done by sitting in the office. There are also jobs can be taken away from home. People are increasingly less mobile. With staying in any place we can complete some works.

Our works are less mobile, we need more exercises or sports. Our sport switches from playing and competing to body exercise activities. Sports here are intended for health. Sports are becoming more vital. Are you among those who work sitting and need sports? Let move your body as an exercise for your body.

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