Couldn’t Eat Fish

By Hali

Some people said: I couldn’t eat fish. Some students living in the dormitory also said it. All of them have their own differing opinions and reasons.

Some of them said: I have an allergy. It is okay. If you have any allergy then you couldn’t eat fish, you must heal your allergy first. Some people already go to physicians and they gave some drugs but its result is nothing. They still have allergies.

For these people, I have simple traditional healing for allergies. You can eat onion. The fresh ones with your three meals a day are the best. If you eat onions as cooking vegetables, it is okay. You also can eat onions by soaking in hot water for about ten minutes. Its taste will become good, delicious. Please do it for about one week. I hope your allergy can be over soon.

Some of those who couldn’t eat fish finally confess: I couldn’t eat fish because there are no people to help me separate the spines from the fish meat. They continuing, when they were small, his/her father and mother help them to separate. Until they were mature, their parents still help them. Oh, No, My God!

For them, now they have a way out. They can buy and eat fillet fish. You are fortune now.

But now the problem is very clear. Some people couldn’t eat fish it is no because they have an allergy. That is their behavior from small unto maturity. We must acknowledge that is bad behavior!

These people must learn to separate fish spines from fish meats by themselves. This is the exact way out. They can eat fish meat.

Many experts inform us: Fish is the best meat in the world. Please learn to eat fish! Eat fish by yourselves! Please separate its spines from its meats! One day I hope you can enjoy it.

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