Is It a Religius Holiday?

In 2021 Chinese New Year celebrates on 12th February. This is the 2572nd of Chinese New Year.

How is this year’s 2572nd of Chinese New Year? China counts this basing on Confucius Birth. That figure born in 551 BC. In Chinese history, people admire him. Because of that, this year 2021 is the 2572nd Chinese New Year.

However, some Chinese people don’t agree with it. Chinese New Year was already celebrated before Confucius was born. Some people suggest it must count basing on Emperor of Yellow (Huang Di).

If we agree with this, Chinese New Year started on 2697 BC. This year is the 4718th of Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is not for any religion. Chinese New Year is for all Chinese people’s history, tradition, culture, and customs. They celebrate it together as one big family whether they have a religion or not.

Chinese New Year is Spring Festival. Winter just ends. Spring is coming. In Winter people could not plant many crops. Spring arrives and they start to plant. Spring brings hope and happiness. The first of Spring is also the new year in the Chinese Calendar.

My brothers and sisters, don’t be surprised that Chinese New Year is celebrated everywhere. Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world. Where there are Chinese people, there Chinese New Year will be celebrated every year.

Happy Spring Festival! Xinchun Kuaile! Spring is here, marking the start of the new year! Gongxi Gongxi Fa Cai 恭喜恭喜发财!!

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