Webinars Overload

Due to the overwhelming outbreak of new pneumonia, people have become familiar with the webinar. In fact, that word already existed before it. Webinar this word is abbreviated from two words: web and seminar. That is to say that the seminars were held through the online media. So, right now, people began to rely on Google Meeting, DUO, Zoom and other applications.

Churches, campuses, various institutions and even individuals are holding webinars. There are some seminars that is paid, but many hold them free of charge. Before the epidemic, the younger brother of the author was very active in seminars, attending it many times, everywhere. During this time, he sent a lot of informations to me about the seminars he attended, and the topic areas includes: motivational tips, education, entrepreneurship, churches, company and so on.

Right now webinars are very popular and offer various topics. Very strange how the Corona epidemic can drive webinars. In addition to institutions, there are many individuals who organize various seminars through internet. The range of webinar participants is no longer restricted by the region. The lectures and discussion of webinars can cover cross-city, cross-country and even cross-continent.

Somehow we jumped out from sleep. Knowledge is being broadcast in all directions. A Wide range of media from various bridges provides support for those who want to learn. Webinars make learning easy. Also, if learning and education are usually charged, then now the webinar will provide many free learning opportunities (free of charge). No one can say that there is no bridge to study anymore. How great it is!

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