Using New Vaccine

Russia has created vaccines by itself. It was named Sputnik V. Sputnik V already used in Russia and countries that affiliated with it. Indonesia ordered Sputnik V and will use it for injecting in Indonesia.

Some countries in Europe are prestigious for using Sputnik V. They may Say: We don’t believe with Sputnik V. Actually, the New York Times 2021 February 5th edition already reminded: Western countries must be open both Russia’s and China’s vaccine. Vaccines of Russia and China are secure in high. Its price is very affordable.

After success with Sputnik V, Russia is now one step further. It created one new vaccine. This vaccine was named similar to the old one: Sputnik Light. I don’t whether this Sputnik Light is an elder brother or younger brother of Sputnik V.

On May 6, 2021, 2021, Russian Minister of Health, Michael Maruskho has announced it. The Sputnik Light vaccine is officially here.

There are at least three features that must be highlighted here. Let these be a matter of consideration for the user community and other countries that are considering buying that vaccine for their people.

First, it is enough to have one injection. That is just one dose. There is no need to inject a second dose.

Second, the efficacy reached 79,4%. This is a high number. In Condition of Corona Pandemic which continues to haunt the world, the efficacy of just 60% is considered good.

Third, it can be injected for Corona sufferers. So far, vaccines are not recommended for former people with Covid-19. Sputnik Light is recommended for survivors.

There is also the prize of vaccine, very cheap. The Russians have announced that the prize will be under  $10 USD. This is incredibly cheap. After all, the injection is only one time, one dose only. If the prize factor is to be included as one of its features, then this is the fourth feature.

Success for Russia! Long Live Sputnik V! Add one more now, Long Live Sputnik Light! Amidst the pace and slow of vaccine production, the presence of Sputnik Light has brought relief for many parties.

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