Read, You Will Be Healthy

Many are not aware of their health status. When a person falls ill, then he cares about health. It’s good to still care about one’s health. Hopefully, it’s not too late

It’s better if each of us cares about our health, even before we fall seriously ill. For it, we need to pay attention to several determinants of health.

The first factor, .the air we breathe. Air is the main factor. The air should be clean. Is the air around your house clean? Unfortunately only developed countries care about clean air.

The second factor, .the water we drink. The water we drink every day should get attention. We need natural and clean water. For well and tap water, it should be boiled first.

third factor, rest and sleep. Each of us needs a break outside of work hours and study hours. Between midday and late afternoon, if you can take a break of 15-30 minutes will be very useful. Complete rest is to sleep on your back.

The fourth factor, daily food. Our daily food should be complete. This doesn’t mean fancy or expensive. Simply put it can be represented by four healthy nutrients. The perfect five are only needed by babies. Four healthy and five perfect is a motto in Indonesia. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals need to be balanced in your three square meals a day.

The fifth factor, it is necessary to exercise or do sport. We need to move or lift something. That’s what exercise is in the Chinese word of sport (运动). We sit around too much while in transport vehicles and working. That’s why we need exercise. Only those who work hard and sweat do not need exercise.

The sixth factor, dealing with stress. Life is impossible without stress. Stress needs to be dealt with and overcome. Stress should not be excessive either. If work and living create unresolved stress, it may be time to find a new job and move house.

After reading of factors of healthy living above, you will not automatically become healthy. You need to apply them in everyday life. If they have been applied in everyday life, then you will get healthy.

Don’t stop just reading health factors! Be yourself by living in a healthy lifestyle! You have to apply them to your daily life.

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