2020 Christmas in Covid-19 Pandemic

In the Year 2020, we celebrated quite an unusual Christmas. The pandemic has caused many churches not to have to hold Christmas in their church buildings. More than 90% of churches celebrated Christmas through Zoom live-streaming, or live recording sessions.

Be grateful that there are still some churches that have started to hold live service and live Christmas in their church buildings. With the strict health protocols, congregations can attend Sunday service and Christmas in their church buildings. Be thankful!

In Indonesia, the new Minister of Religion reminded Christians: Celebrate Charismas in simplicity, stay away from waste and avoid consumerism! These three things are reflected in his remarks for Christians.

Has God been displeased with our Christmas in the past years? Was our Christmas in the past years just a festive event? Has our Christmas lost its true meaning in the past years?

What do you think of it? Each of us can answer it. May our Christmas in this year return to its true meaning!

Merry Christmas 2020! Peace from God come upon us all! Christmas in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic may not reduce the true joy of Christmas!

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