Revelation Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of Revelation is written about a thousand years or millennium. In Indonesia, people call it as the Kingdom of One Thousand Year. Besides this chapter, there are no other passages in the Bible recording it. We must know, in Revelation chapter 20 there is no word like a kingdom. Written on that passage is only a thousand years or millennium.

Christians understand that chapter as a teaching of millennialism. We must emphasize there is no kingdom this word mentioned in Rev 20. It is only written thousand years in that chapter. Millennialism this concept originates from the millennium. In that chapter, there are two words: mille and annus in Latin. Its meaning is one thousand years.

How do we interpret this passage? This millennium doesn’t want to exactly point to one thousand years. It only says about a certain period of time that we don’t know how long it will be.

In the period of millennium martyrs and non-martyrs will reign as God’s priests. They also will be given the authority of judging by Jesus Christ. After the millennium, Satan will be released. He and some peoples will surround the camp of God’s peoples. But fire will come down from heaven and devour them. Amen!

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