Three Actions Face Corona

Like it or not, the Corona virus already spread widely. Happy or sad, Covid-19 has become pandemic outbreak. Since mid March 2020, a number of people has been infected in our country.

Therefore, each of us needs to make preparations. At least there are three actions. First, preventive action. Before being infected, everyone needs to take preventive actions. Wearing a mask, managing physical and social distance, avoiding crowds, washing hands and face and even bathing are concrete preventions efforts. We hope we will never be infected,

Second, curative actions. If we get infected too, like it or not, accept this harsh reality! Stay calm, don’t panic, eat and drink properly and naturally! Take care not to pass it in to your family and friends! Even though there is no cure, maintain immunity and live hygienically! Traditionally food and drinks may help. Gradually, between three to 14 days, it is likely that the patient will recover too.

Third, face death. Most people with new pneumonia will recover. What is difficult is if the patient had previously suffered from respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. A small proportions of people who contract Covid-19 do not recover and eventually die.

Although the death rate due to Corona is not high, everyone need to be prepared to face it. It you have to breathe your last, accept it gracefully! Life and death are not in our hands. The important thing is each of us has lived properly and naturally. Death, age and life are in the hands of the Creator. When the time comes, each of us will not be able to resist it. Dust returns to dust and spirit returns to its Creator!


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