Healthy Fried Rice

What is popular and cheap food in Indonesia? What food do people like to eat? One answer is fried rice. There is no people don’t like fried rice. Some people could eat fried rice three times in one week. One abbreviation already mention for it: Nasgor (nasi goreng).

Do you know history of fried rice? Majority area in Indonesia, people’s main food is rice. Some family might not eat out all rice in last suffer. In morning they will make it to be fried rice. They add some garlic, shallot, sause, chilly. It is very simple and delicious enough. Here, history of fried rice we can see an attempt to utilize and save leftover rice.

The history of fried rice is only a memory. Fried rice today no longer uses leftover rice. Today fried rice uses new and fresh rice. The mixture is very varied. In market there are egg fried rice, petal fried rice, anchovies fried rice, seafood fried rice, chicken fried rice, sausage fried rice and various other types of fried rice.

In the past, fried rice was leftover, recooked, poor in nutrition. At present, fried rice is very rich and varied model. Nevertheless, we need to pay attention if we like to eat Nasgor. Some of following suggestion are important to note. Try to eat with additional vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, pickles and others. Fried rice need sufficient nutrition, for examples by adding eggs, or chicken, or anchovies, or squid,  or salted fish. When fried rice adds some vegetables, your fried rice will be a healthy and nutritious meal.

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  1. Selamat malam Pak,
    Nasgor juga makanan vaforit anak anak panti, kalau masak nasgor pasti mereka pada nambah. Apalagi sayur dan lauk ya banyak, tambahkan sosial goreng dan sous tomat, rasanya ok banget.
    Terimaksih Pak


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