Lifelong Education According to Comenius

One model of lifelong education was already described by John Amos Comenius. He is recognized as the Father of Modern Education. Therefore, his views deserve our attention together.

This is how Comenius divide human education. Throughout life includes eight kinds of schools. First, starting from school of birth for young peoples as prospective parent who will have babies. Second, the mother’s school with the main teacher is mother or/and father of the baby himself/herself which is carried out in their perspective home. Third, children school is a national language school with national language as instruction languages (not second language). This level is equivalent to six years of primary school. Fourth, junior youth school is also called as Latin language school with an emphasis of foreign/international languages at that time in Europe. This is equivalent to six years of junior and senior middle school. Fifth, senior youth school at that time called as Academy. This level is education in college or university.

After that people naturally worked. Either doing business by himself or doing job for a boss. However, after graduating from senior middle school many teenagers directly have jumped into the world of work. This is okay. As long as senior middle school was followed diligently and seriously, everyone can succeed in their life even without receiving higher education. Sixth, for those who start working, there is a kind of adult school where teaching people to choose and pursue their careers. This lasted until he retired and entered old age school. Seventh, old age must think about unresolved things or work in their life. There is still one last school. Eighth, it is named as school of death. At any age people can experience death. In old age, no one will not experience death. Through school of death, people are prepared to calmly face the arrival of death. Everyone should live properly and live in his life well until death comes.

It is clear and complete model of lifelong education outlined by Comenius. Let each of us listen well! May all people be able to live every stage or span of his lives in a righteous, just, responsible and loving manner. All our live we have to live our own lives.

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