Why Western Tourists Use Bikini on Beach?

One criticism of the Indonesian people about Bali Island is the behavior of the tourists. The foreigners often use bikini on beaches. It is difficult for Indonesian to accept such view. Male tourists only wear underwear. Female tourists only wear bras and underwear. We think that they are all pornographic, indecent, or corrupt moral to the young people.

Now let us ask the main question: Why tourists only Underwear on beaches? The reason is simple, apart from enjoying the beauty of Bali island and its beaches, tourists take the opportunity to soak up the sun. Don’t forget, almost every day in Indonesia we can enjoy optimum 8 hours of sunshine. This is an added value of the archipelago which Indonesia located on the equator. Even when it’s raining, sometimes there’s still Sunlight shining.

Western tourists are enjoying the abundance of solar light. They don’t miss this opportunity. In their own country, most of it is four seasons. Areas with four seasons do not always get sunlight every day. Sometimes several day the sun is negligent in their area. The seasons change throughout the years, for days they don’t get sunlight. For them,  it so pity! How lucky we are here in Indonesia!

Obviously now, we can learn something from foreigners. They know very well the importance of basking in the sunlight. Simply it can be said that, western want all parts of their body to be exposed to sunlight. That is why they only wear bras and underwear. We have heard that there are even certain beaches where tourists can go completely naked. Of course, this is also in the framework of sunbathing. As Indonesians, we need no to learn to just wear bra and underwear on our beaches. Every day we can get solar light. We can also remind tourists to dress more and cover their bodies more. I am sure they can understand.

Sunlight can never be replaced. Human technology, especially medicine, has succeeded in creating various light to assist the medical healing process for certain diseases. However not a single man-made light or lamp is without side effect. With lights or lamps created by human technology, it is still can not replace sunlight. Let each of us keep basking in the sunshine! If you can sunbathe everyday, oh how happy that is!

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