Working From Home?

Since Covid-19 pandemic, working from home became a concept which we often hear. Long before Corona outbreak, some people has already used to the concept of working from home. They are the people who want to have a lot of time at home. Generally in this case, it is the housewives who wants to have enough time with their children. Not only that they need to work, helping her husband to make money for living cost, but also, they need to have enough time to accompany their children growing up.

So what’s new with the concept of working from home? In the midst of Covid-19 exposure, most people did not dare to go to work for fear of contracting with the disease, since it is very contagious. However, they still need to work to make money for their living. Thus, workers and companies take a middle road: working from home. Now, the concept of working from home applies to more than 90% of office employees, both in private and public companies. The results from working from home are encouraging. Indeed, there are not a few job that can be completed from home, without employees having to be present in their offices. This concept is a big attraction and important to be continued.

It must be admitted that there are many works which can be done from home. Employees can do and complete them without being present in the offices. It is such an advantage that now the advancement of information technology is very supportive and provide many conveniences. Nevertheless, we still need to realize that there are also a lot of jobs that can’t be done from home. It means, workers must be present in the office or field to be able to complete the work. See for examples: factory workers, security personels, cleaning services, shop employees and others.

Let us think about moving forward! There are a lot of works that can and does well from home. But there are also works that still has to be done in office, factories and fields. Let us distinguish them tritely and correctly! Let us apply them according to their capacities and dont ever turn it upside down!

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