In general, most people assume that if he is not sick or hospitalized in the hospital, it means he or she is in good health. In the same manner, most people view that if everyday he or she still can go to wok or go to school then such condition explains that he or she doesn’t have any disease. Although this opinion is quite good, we should not think so naïve. To be honest, whether we are healthy or sick, we ourselves know clearly; the doctor know clearly as well, but of course he must first do a health check up.

In fact, medical science explains that there is a condition which lies in the middle between healthy and sick, which is called sub-health. In other words, on one hand, our body is not fully healthy, not fully fit. On the other hand, we are also not on sick, by not being hospitalized. In short, we are half healthy and half sick. Actually, the concept of sub-health wants to explain that the body is not healthy enough. After we get to know the concept of sub-health, people must be more aware of the health status of their body.

There is a statistical result of study stating: more than 30% of people are living in a subhealthy condition. Excuse me for asking: are you currently living in a subhealthy condition? Hopefully you are not one of those 30%. Everyone must seriously think, answer, and deal with these questions. Let us not live our lives carelessly again!


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