Need No Junk Food

by Hali

In primitive society and pre-Modern era, human being was not familiar with the concept of junk food. In the Modern and Postmodern era, we are  somewhat familiar with what is called junk food. Some people who knew, already rise a concern about it; but there are also still few who don’t know anything about junk food until now. To some other group of people, they already knew about it, but they just don’t care about junk food at all. What do I imply with this? This group of people still eat junk food everyday but they consider it as good food (normal food).

Now, lets explain junk food with a concrete example. One of the famous example of junk food is donuts. Fifteen years ago, an American physician came to Bandung. He gave us one hour session of lecture.  Because his lecture was very interesting and valuable, I wrote down a summary and kept it until now. One of the very interesting topic he mentioned was about donuts as junk food. According to him, donuts have three elements of unhealthy food. Firstly, donuts are made from flour, grinded oat, with no whole oat component. Secondly, donuts are fried by cooking oil. Finally, donuts have powdered sugar.

I hope now we could understand what is junk food. Every junk food is not beneficial for our health. Junk food can cause us to feel full, but in fact, it can’t provide enough nutritions for human body. 

So with this knowledge, will you continue eating junk food? Please, stop eating junk food from today on!

We need no junk food any more!

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