When Do We Need Instant Noodle?

On one side we don’t need instant noodle, but on the other side we sometimes really need it. When and in what situation do we need instant noodle? When living in an abnormal situation and can not get daily supply of normal food, instant noodle become necessary. For people in some areas that faces storms, flood or earthquake, their belongings are immediately lost during the disaster, even their food. As refugees they have no supply of food. In this time and in such situation, people really do need instant noodle.

Instant noodles can be cooked instantly and served fast. After people eat them, it immediately quench their hunger. Nevertheless, we must not forget one fact: this is only for temporary, abnormal situation. Not for a long time. If people eat instant noodle for long period of time, they will have no enough nutrition. This is no doubt.

As the period of which we need instant noodle has to be short, we hope people can resume to eat normal food after three days, or a week at most. After returning to the normal food as soon as possible, instant noodle is no longer needed anymore. People need staple food, meats, vegetables and fruits as their normal daily food.

Once again, when people who are affected by disaster are able to return back to their normal situation, there is no need of instant noodle anymore. People must get back to their daily normal food.


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