We Need No Instant Noodle

Instant noodles are very popular now. Many countries already could produce their own brand of instant noodles with various tastes. We must acknowledge that instant noodles are very delicious. Because of that, they are now consumed by many people as one of their daily food. Instant noodles are also considered as fast food. Whenever someone feel hungry, they can cook it instantly and eat them after a very short time.

In reality, major component of instant noodle is flour. Flour are made from oat by grinding. In addition, instant noodles also contain these three agents: flavoring agent, preservatives and coloring agent. These three agents are bad for our health. For daily food, we need four components: main food (staple food), meats, vegetables and fruits. For main food, we must try to get whole grain. Meats, vegetables and fruits must be fresh. These four components provides enough nutrition for us.

People of some provinces in Mainland China eat noodle as their main food. My wife and I have ever lived in Xi’an, Shaanxi for two years. Native people eat noodle everyday because that is their main food. However, what they consume is not instant noodle. They eat home made noodle. Everyday they make noodle at home and it is very simple. Their noodle have no above three agents. So, if you really like noodle and are in need of noodle everyday for your main food, you can make it by yourselves. You need not to eat instant noodle anymore; if not to eat it at all.

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